Career Coaching

Upgrade your career without fear. 

Certified Career Coach - International Association of Professions Career College (IAP CC)

Finding a job doesn't need to suck. 

With Mo as your certified career coach, the process of finding the right job for you is as effective as it is enjoyable. With Mo, you have a partner who treats your career aspirations as important as his own. 

With over 10 years of experience helping others craft their careers and land jobs at top tech companies, Mo can help manage the stress and anxiety associated with a job search and help you make the positive changes needed to take the next steps in your career. Mo has consulted with and helped upskill people in UX at institutions such as: IDEO U, Springboard Bootcamp, Flatiron School (Designation Bootcamp), Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Institute of Design (ID), and ADP List. I'm a Career Coach with both UX/UI Design and UX Research background - experience working at SAAS B2B Enterprise, Startups, Agencies, and Consultancies - I can help with the emotional, technical, tactical, and strategic parts of the job search.

What Makes Mo Different

What's Mo Like as a Coach

What Mo does

I specialize in UX and technology jobs (but can take on clients in any industry). Many of my clients are typically career switchers, boot camp graduates, and junior UX professionals. I also mentor senior, lead, and principal UX professionals as well as managers. 

My approach is to meet clients exactly where they are mentally, emotionally, and career-wise with a focus on present and future objectives offering guidance in helping clients clarify their goals in seeking employment. I become a partner in defining and articulating career goals, values, aspirations, and objectives. I act as a supportive consultant, guiding clients as they progress toward a new career trajectory. 

My role as a coach is hands-on in not just the technical and tactical realms, I also involve train, lead, prompt, and a provide safe place to work on those areas that are holding you back from your next position. I work closely with clients to establish specific objectives and ensure they follow through with agreed-upon steps. 

How Mo conducts coaching

In my coaching practice, I employ a structured system that includes measurable steps and detailed action plans. I offer an empathetic, direct, and light-hearted approach to a collaborative relationship This one-on-one partnership is complemented by my formal training in the use of aptitude tests and various assessments to better understand and guide my clients.  

I focus on assisting individuals in developing their job search skills, and I provide dedicated support during times of job-related stress, such as during periods of job loss or career transition, ensuring that my clients have the resilience and guidance needed to navigate these challenges.

Areas of expertise


I approached Mo with a tough situation I’ve been struggling with and he gave me some great advice and a few good resources to get started. I felt I got a lot more from a short time with him than I have from hour-long sessions with other mentors. He was very encouraging and helped me identify strengths and weaknesses to my approach in a way that made me feel I could improve them.

Quint Bailey

I left my meeting with 8 possible action items for my next steps in UXR. I appreciate the coaching, praise, and constructive feedback received. Thank Mo for your empathy and your encouragement. I got this!

Eugénie (Eve of Strategy) Elie

Mo is a resourceful and creative problem solver. He can think out of box from different perspectives. He can see more actionable solutions to land a job and has shown the abilities from his own job hunting experiences. Recommend talk to him for insights and resources.


Mo was very approachable and kind. Our session was well-structured and he gave me practical advice on job search. Thank you so much for your time with me today. Your advice was incredibly valuable and provided me with much-needed guidance as I am navigating this tough job market.

Jiah Yoo, Ph.D.

Mo is super nice, an amazing listener and clear communicator. Every word he says was pure value. He helped me understand and clear stuff about my personal branding. Thanks a lot Mo!

Gina Bustamante

In a quick 15-minute session, Mo provided insightful and clear suggestions through thoughtful probing on a range of topics including the trifecta of resume, LinkedIn, portfolio, networking, and breaking into AI space. Value-packed, to say the least! Looking forward to future sessions!

Suma Mandalapu