Becoming UX Training System™

"The Un-Bootcamp™"

There are many ways to become a UX professional, and boot camps are not the right choice for everyone. Bootcamps take months to complete, cost thousands of dollars, and do not cover UX research topics in enough depth to adequately prepare learners to become dedicated UX researchers. 🟨 There must be a better way!

What you need to know to go from aspiring to pro.™

Comprehensive UX resources to gain mastery on demand. Upskill in 1 day.™

Start better UX tomorrow by upskilling today.™

Introducing the "Becoming UX Training System"™ – "What you need to know to go from aspiring to pro"™. This program is a "Un-Bootcamp", which offers a wealth of resources and e-learning courses, enabling you to "upskill in just one day".™ Beyond a traditional course, it's a comprehensive UX journey, combining classic learning with innovative AI and a vibrant professional community. Ideal for both new and seasoned designers, it's your key to staying ahead in the fast-evolving world of UX design. Learn more and elevate your skills.

Who is Becoming UX right for?

Bootcamp grads and career switchers and Junior/Novice UX professionals, 1-3 years in the field.

How is this different than a boot camp?

🟨 This Un-Bootcamp is:

🛑 Most boot camps are:

Skills covered in the Becoming UX curriculum

Becoming UX = Documentation + e-Learning + Certification + AI Coach + Dedicated Learning Community

Parts - for each UX research method and skill:

📚 Blog Posts (introduction to the content (free)

🗺️ The Ultimate Guide: A Treasure Trove of UX Wisdom ($10)

Central to the program is the Ultimate Guide, an 80-page comprehensive outline enriched with curated third-party resources. It's a goldmine for learners, offering:

📈 A self-assessment rubric to track progress in learning and application of all things usability. Assess before, during, and after training. (Free)

🏫 E-Learning Courses: Interactive and Engaging ($100)

The e-learning aspect is particularly exciting, featuring two main courses:

🎓 Certification: A Gateway to Exclusive Opportunities (free to certify, but certification perks are paid - $5/Month)

🟨 A Comprehensive UX Learning Experience

This program is more than just a training course. It's a comprehensive journey into the world of UX design, blending traditional learning with innovative AI assistance and a vibrant community of professionals. It's an unparalleled opportunity for both aspiring and seasoned UX designers to refine their craft and stay ahead in the fast-paced world of design.