Roxas™️ AI UX Coach© 

▶️ Need to learn a UX method that's new to you?

▶️ Want to brush up on a UX skill that you haven't used in a while?

▶️ Want to upskill in UX faster and more effectively?

▶️ Approaching a deadline and you're not confident in what approach is required?

▶️ Tired of trying to find high-quality UX blog posts and youtube videos just to teach yourself new UX skills?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you would benefit from working with an AI UX Coach. With AI, you'll learn and apply new skills in record time.

What an AI UX Research Coach can help you do:

🤖 Learn and practice new UX research skills in hours, not days or weeks.

🤖 Follow guidelines and apply best practices with more consistency and confidence.

🤖 Add UX approaches to your toolkit with less effort while making fewer mistakes.

Transform Your UX Research Process with AI

Discover how AI can improve how you conduct UX research with a chatbot specifically trained on UX research best practices. This AI UX Coach is named "Roxas", and it is currently in beta and ready for you to use today! For now, Roxas knows a lot about usability testing and will learn more methods in the coming months. Unleash your full creative potential with the power of AI, a core component of the 🟨 Becoming UX Training System™️ with Roxas!

Multiple Roles AI Can Help With

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How Smart is this AI UX Coach?

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How do I plan a usability test?

Tips and Tricks

Usability Report Outline

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*requires access to Chat GPT Plus (4.0)

Improve how you conduct research

Use this AI to help plan, conduct, and report UX research better and faster than ever before!

Why AI?

How it works

The AI UX Coach is part of the Becoming UX Training System